Hot Apollo

Toronto's Shiniest Rock-and-Roll Band


I still remember this one X-Force comic my brother had from the 90s. I couldn't see anyone on the cover who looked that good to me. Part of that was the rough, hypertrophic art style. Part of it was the grotesque sin against style in the form of Shatterstar's facial buttress. It's as though he looked at Gambit and thought "Hey! That guy's pretty cool. I should take the basic outline of his head gear and give it the colour and puffiness of a marshmallow!"

But then I came across him much later in Peter David's noirish detective version of X-Factor, and Shat was rocking a kind of Annie Lennox look. That helped to endear him to me.

Seeing him in "Deadpool 2" was the reverse of that.

Bonus Question!

Best Annie Lennox look in comics?

Neil Gaiman's Desire is probably the classic choice, but I'm in a mood to favour Rachel Grey from 80s Excalibur.


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