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Belated Viewing

“The Interview” was something that had been looking good for a while, but I’d been feeling patient enough to await its delayed theatrical release without any certain knowledge of its arrival. But apparently it had already started playing without my knowledge at a nearby cinema I don’t frequent so often. In truth, I’m glad for this ignorance, for it would have otherwise replaced “Nightcrawler” in filling the cinematic drought I felt in the previous week, and I probably wouldn’t have gotten around to seeing that film at all.

But this week brought me to Rogen and Franco’s comedy, and it satisfied my expectations well. I will say that the movie made the dictator look somewhat more dashing than his counterpart in the real world. He carries himself with a robust handsomeness that almost seems to take from the tradition of Stalin. Nice bit of casting.


Bonus Question!

Most dashing dictator? 


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