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I just woke from this dream in which I was ostensibly listening to one of my own songs, but what was actually playing was the French pop hit “Bonnie and Clyde”. Listening to it, I could only think, “Wow. I really need to sing more clearly. I can’t even understand what I’m saying.”

On the subject of garbled vocals, I recently had the pleasure of watching a wonderfully coifed Jeff Bridges make some unique choices in his performance in “Seventh Son”. He’s played around with a variety of heavily stylised accents in recent years, but this one has to be the most bizarre. After ages of delivering lines in variations of The Dude’s iconic manner, I think that he’s just trying to get through the maximum number of voices before he’s done.



Bonus Question!

Best thing I noticed as I logged into my Squarespace account to post this? 

Jeff Bridges is actually featured in Squarespace's advertising, which met my eyes with some additional Bridges loveliness as I entered this very site.


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