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Future Spiders

New and fabulous in the world of arachnids? This thing. It's called the Sparklemuffin.

The colour scheme’s obviously gorgeous, but the name really makes me feel as though something’s making plans to make me like spiders more. I’ve never had a problem with their symbology, though. On a spiritual level, they’re fine. I just don’t want their physical manifestations around me.

I do like the fact that this specimen’s design closely matches that of the Spider-Man of 2099, who was created long before the discovery of this beast. But he is from the future . . . Maybe he looked back and found inspiration in an old biology text from some point in the next few decades.

I believe that I was first exposed to the futuristic superhero through a sticker I got out of some machine in a big toy store in childhood. The new Peter David series is pretty great, though. Incidentally, I just read that guy’s “Tigerheart” because I couldn’t find an electronic version of “Sir Apropos of Nothing”. Solid read.


Bonus Question!

Best muffin? I don't know. It's probably something with a lot of frosting.

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