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All the Biomes


Zootopia actually looks like a delightful place. That city had all the biomes, man.

And the film had Jason Bateman in an uncharacteristically roguish role. But he's not the first Bluth to change his surname to "Wilde". There was that Will Arnett series "Running Wilde", which took its title from Arnett's aspiring philanthropist. Maybe he and Bateman still bear some familial connection across worlds. 

I also happened to watch "Teen Witch" recently. That can probably be related back to Jason Bateman too. I remember hearing that it was supposed to be more closely linked to "Teen Wolf", and the sequel to that masterpiece gave the dude one of his first big roles. But I only saw the briefest snippet of that while I was flipping through channels years ago. Flipping through channels happens to be something I last did years ago.

Anyway, I noticed that the older witch, Madame Serena, was played by an actor by the name of Zelda Rubinstein. There's nothing wrong with a witch called Serena, but "Zelda" has always seemed to stick out as a default name for female practitioners of magic. It feels like a slight shame to disguise that. 

Bonus Question!

Zelda Spellman versus Princess Zelda?

The Spellmans are a venerable clan, and there'll be no denying, and Zelda was particularly assiduous in her studies, but the princess is a recurrently reincarnated goddess in humanoid form. Giving her the win.

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