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Gods of Wherever


"Gods of Egypt". I saw that business. I don't really speak to the politics of it, but I can imagine that the casting of a bunch of white dudes could have been encouraged if this film came about in an attempt to make something in the tradition of those fantastical Greek epics with a fresher roster in place of the relatively pale Olympians everyone knows. And then they just used the cast they would have employed for those guys. Perhaps evidenced by the presence of Gerard Butler? Catapulted to the higher tiers of fame by his epitaphic portrayal of a royal Spartan legend? Oh, and he was also in "Olympus Has Fallen", but I think that that title was largely allegorical. It's actually about Washington or something. If it's not, the recently released sequel "London Has Fallen" seems like a serious downward move. London's a great city, but Olympus is the home of gods, and while Buckingham may be gorgeous, deification of royalty isn't much of a relevant thing at the moment. 

Anyway, that casting theory may be an overly convolute one.

More probable is the attempt of some racist aspect of the universe to twist karmic workings around in order to compensate for use of a black actor in the role of a deity who was known as the White God even among pasty Northmen. But Idris Elba rocked Bifrost with his Heimdall. And Set's persona is filled with similar aplomb by Kurt Russell. Or whomever.


Bonus Question!

Most colourful flesh of Egypt?

I always thought that Osiris looked good in green. It might have even made up for the textural damage a couple of deaths must have done.

But that mess is emphasised here by a morbid pallor instead. Oh, well.

Actually, I was brought to mind of Hades in Egyptian cosplay. That works too.  I suppose that it's only fair. Horus seems to have raided Zeus's laundry hamper for this outing. Seriously, that stuff'd be fit for releasing some krakens after a light wash.

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