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I was first introduced to Abner Jenkins and his sweet flying armour when he was called Mach-III. This was towards the end of the first Thunderbolts run, and he was temporarily black at the time for some reason, but that's beside the point. Was it some surgical disguise thing? Like that thing with Rob Downey in that war movie? That dude played Iron Man, and that seems to be what Jenkins tries to do. But with wings. Which is weird. He's flown similarly functional suits without them in his villainous Beetle persona.

Anyway. The number in the name didn't really mean much to me at the time. It seemed random. I didn't see why a number was necessary, and that particular one seemed less authoritative than 1 or something. But 1 was indeed where it started. Apparently, he kept changing his name to keep up with the iterations of his suit. That includes the ones that happened even during his absences from comics. This means that he's been called Mach-VII despite the fact that he's never appeared as Mach-VI. And those Roman numerals can really get messy when they're part of a name that's already less succinct than it should be.

But now he's Mach-X. Which . . . That could solve things? Maybe? It's not necessarily a number. Wolverine was Weapon X for ages before Grant Morrison decided that that was actually a number in reference to the tenth iteration of the Weapon Plus program, and it still sounds iconic. Actually, that might've been revealed in the first Morrison comic I ever read. I think that I picked it up in a convenience store on some road trip because choices were slim.

But anyway. Mach-X. If you don't say "Mach-Ten", it sounds decent enough. Maybe that's in a way that harkens back to the indulgences of the Nineties, but that's acceptable. Just . . . Just leave it there. If you can't bring yourself to drop the numerals altogether, you've got to end it there. You seemed to skip VIII and IX to get to this point. Just be the best Mach-Ecks you can be, and leave it at that. We don't even have to talk about that thing with your wings and doors.

Nick Spencer might, though.


Bonus Question!

Best redundant wings?

Seraphs, man. You don't need three pairs of those things. Even if you need one or two to hide your face, you still have spares.


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